Turning Customers into Advocates

It’s one thing to move an opportunity to a close, a nice win. But to build a truly sustainable business (and isn’t that what it’s all about these days?), you need to turn your customers into advocates.

That requires 2 basic elements:

  • a product or service that solves major issues for the customer
  • a sales rep–you–that has become much more of a business partner to the customer than simply a salesperson

It also requires an ongoing relationship that must be nurtured.

Join host John Golden and our panel of experts as we dive into what it really takes to turn customers into advocates!

Dennis Synal is an accomplished, client-focused and profit-driven sales leadership professional with 25+ years of demonstrated success in defining, managing and delivering substantial sales growth across highly-competitive industries, with a specialization in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Highly-skilled in direct sales, marketing, product launches, market analysis, strategy development, training/mentorship, strategic steering, oration, benchmarking and leading multi-functional teams. Innovative strategist and forward-thinking business leader, adept at identifying and capitalizing on lucrative business opportunities.

Joel Capperella helps companies get crazy amounts of awareness, a bigger pipeline, faster revenue, and empowers sales enablement transformation. He has over 20 years of strategic marketing execution in the enterprise software, SaaS and technical professional services and has worked with companies of all sizes. From juggernauts like SAP and Oracle, to small startups with new injections of cash.

Adrian Davis is a professional speaker, author and strategic consultant with expertise in helping chief executives and sales leaders create profitable growth through strategic client relationships. He is a thought-provoking speaker frequently called upon to address senior management teams and sales groups on the subjects of corporate strategy, competitive advantage and sales excellence.