Change Ahead! Navigating Turmoil, Transformations and Outcomes

Thursday, March 16, 2017, 5:30 PM

Adrian takes the audience through his personal journey from a life of domestic turmoil, followed by homelessness, to a life of empowerment and entrepreneurship. Adrian’s personal journey will inspire and energize you to face change head on!

His approach to arriving at the places we need to go have been described as electrifying, provocative and transformational.

Adrian believes that it is crucial for companies to invest in mastering Human-to-Human Selling. Invest in your best sales/alliance people. Develop them to become even greater strategic, critical and creative thinkers. Encourage them to up the ante. Find new unprecedented ways of creating value. Be committed to work with your customers/partners who must also cope with the seismic shifts in our economy.

Prepare yourself, and learn how to prepare your team for the changes you desire by letting Adrian capture your imagination and stretch your thinking.

Take your partnership to the next level!

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