Becoming a Trusted Advisor - How to Sell and Create Client Value

This 2-day interactive workshop is for sales management and sales teams.

During this workshop, we will explore the following modules:

Planning Major Sales

Presents a structured approach to gathering information on large sales opportunities. Identifies available information sources, why they are important and how to use them. Focus is on learning about the goals, strategies, problems and opportunities in prospect companies and existing accounts.

Financial Analysis and Sales Strategy

Shows how to analyze financial statements for their sales implications. Teaches how to calculate financial ratios and determine where improvements can be made. Covers establishing a sales strategy, and making an initial call on the decision maker. Includes a structured framework for discovery and articulating value through the use of storytelling.

Cost Justification & Selling Solutions

Shows how to determine the financial value of your products and services to the prospective client. Teaches how to establish the financial impact of the sale on the prospect company in their own financial language.

Selling Top Management

Describes a logically organized and effective approach to developing and using proposals as sales tools to negotiate and close major sales. Includes a detailed framework for preparing and presenting effective proposals to top management.

Learning Outcomes

By implementing what is learned in this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Create emotional excitement about their value to clients;

2. Effectively speak with and gain the confidence of stakeholders at every level of the organization (e.g., plant manager, VP Engineering, Purchasing, CFO, CEO).

3. Be perceived as a strategic resource not just a salesperson;

4. Shorten sales cycles and increase sales margins;

5. Consistently outsell competitors.